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Jeff Giddings, PT - Advanced Manual Therapy Options 

Jeff has been an innovator in the field of Physical Therapy and his advanced training has kept him at the very top level of practice.  He is the primary inventor and innovator behind the Wave Tool system for treating Myofascial Pain & Scar Tissue.


Advanced Muscle Relaxation & Release

Trigger point needling is an advanced technique used to decrease muscle pain and improve muscle function.  It involves placing a small accupuncture type needle directly into the tight and painful bands of muscle tissue.  This causes a release of chemical mediators and can have a very powerful influence on pain, tightness, and function of the involved muscle.
The technique is safe and effective.  Jeff has treated thousands of patients with this technique and is one of the premier TDN practitioners in the state.


Innovation & Experience

This is one of my most popular and effective treatment modalities for the athletic community.   The Wave Tool has perfectly designed edges that are used to carefully break down myofascial adhesions and to break down unhealthy collagen and scar tissue in tendons that can form following injury, surgery, or prolonged overuse.  This is an amazing technology for decreasing the pain and dysfunction from Tennis Elbow, Golfers Elbow, Plantar Fascitis, Achilles Tendonitis, and Myofascial pain syndromes.  Jeff Giddings is the co-inventor and primary innovator behind the Wave Tool.  For further information go the


Hands on Relief with Advanced Mobilization & Manipulation Techniques

Jeff has extensive training in treating joint pain, stiffness, and dysfunction with safe and advanced manual therapy techniques.  Wonderful for treating neck and back pain or any other joint problem in your body.

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